using search data to win your christmas movie debate

Use Search Data to Win the ‘Die Hard is a Christmas Movie’ Debate

If you’re anything like me, then you will have already watched at least 5 Christmas movies, and we haven’t even entered the week before Christmas. 😳 To avoid becoming a Christmas Grinch it’s best to mix it up with some less traditional options.

Enter Die Hard, a great film that regularly sparks family debate whether it should be included within Christmas festivities – partially because it has Bruce Willis who rubs some people up the wrong way.

Besides Bruce Willis’ ability to act and the violence in the movie, Die Hard’s plot could probably happen at any time of year, which can be slightly difficult to argue with.

Fortunately, search data comes to the rescue!

This data from Google Trends shows us that there’s a clear seasonality in which people search for Die Hard; largely in the week up to, and sometimes including, Christmas day. Irrespective of what makes a Christmas film, Die Hard clearly makes people feel Christmassy, and therefore makes my list.

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