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Search Engine Optimisation Services from Hertfordshire

Based in the home counties, KyteSEO provides Search Engine Optimsation and Website Marketing services on a freelance basis to businesses who wish to raise their online profile and build their visibility on the web.

Oliver has provided his services to organisations across an extremely wide range of industries, working independently, and on behalf of one of the best digital agencies in the Hertfordshire area.  Oliver also worked in-house at one of the country’s largest restaurant chains and have helped them to raise their online profile in the midst of a dramatically changing landscape.

What is SEO?

Outrank competitors, lightbulbs and clouds

Search Engine Optimisation:

A service which ensures that individuals who are interested in your goods and services can easily find your website via the most popular search engines through organic search engine results ie. search results which do not include paid ads. Although paid ads can generate traffic to your website, SEO is a more personalised and integrative service which aims to improve website ‘traffic’ by outranking competitors and offering the best answer for their search query.

Ultimately, by following Google’s best practice guidelines, SEO aims to improve the quality of a website.

Channel the right audience

A customer’s journey often starts with a search term on their favourite search engine and hope to find the most relevant products and services quickly and easily.  Rather than spending hours scrolling through long lists of options, most customers will choose to visit the websites which are both easy to find and while most relevant to their needs.

With our unique skills and tools, we help ensure that customers can find your site with minimum effort.

As well as increasing the number of hits your website receives, it is also essential to make sure that the right kinds of customers are able to find your website!  We understand that there is no point receiving high amounts of traffic to your website if that traffic is made up of people who have landed on your site by accident, or with no desire to use your products or services!  You want quality clicks on your website from those who are most likely to engage with what you have to offer!

how seo works

How SEO works

Have you ever wondered how a search engine finds its results? 

Search engines are built on complex algorithms which are designed to rank websites based on a huge variety of factors, including the quality and quantity of content, the use of keywords, online press coverage… and much more! For a website to rank highly, we help ensure that all these factors fall within the boundaries of Google’s best practice guidelines.

Using our unique insights, we can analyse how to most efficiently transform your website for maximum ROI; implementing the changes that will give your site the best possible chance of finding its way to that lucrative first page of the Google search results.

Search engine algorithms change over time, and your competitions rarely sits still, so we aim to consistently review and optimise your site’s metrics to keep it visible in the long term.

1. Assess

Together we will get to know your business; find your goals and understand the USPs that makes your business unique. We start by conducting a SEO audit to understand what drives your website’s performance and devise a strategy that offers the best solution for your site’s performance.

2. Implement

We will start to put your strategy into place. From fixing vital technical issues to adjusting content and wording on your website, to pushing your website to a wider audience – we will optimise your site around your target keywords. At this stage we will see your website take shape.

3. Measure

Based on our chosen objectives and key performance indicators, we measure and assess the impact that our strategy has had on the website.  Through comprehensive reporting we will keep you well-informed on the progress we are making together, as well as discussing new attainable opportunities. 

4. Repeat

SEO is a fast moving industry. The Google algorithm is constantly updating and with this in mind, we will continue to revise and repeat the process to ensure that your website’s visibility remains the best it can possibly be. Furthermore, this gives us the opportunity to capitalise on trends in your industry.

What we offer

KyteSEO offers Search Engine Optimisation with an emphasis on providing you return on investment.  We will focus on meeting the unique needs of your brand, and making sure you forge your own distinctive place in the online world.  In doing this, we will ensure that as many customers as possible can find their way to your site via the most popular search engines.

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